First step into virtual world !!!!

Hello folks, Welcome everyone to my brand new blog.Its my first blog of time ,and i hope you all readers will support me through this to make me more than beginner blogger. There is lot to say ,lot to talk and lot to hear from u ! So its time say ready steady go…. Wish me luck …. Love u all …..!!


About Shadab.Rogers.

Shadab its my first name and the Rogers is from captain America's name steve Rogers, i am big big fan of it.. Apart from it i am big fan of tennis especially Rafa Nadal . I love to listen music mostly i like fusion one But hey ..... Dont ask me to sing anything I am really really bad singer .. Haha On the personal counterpart i am very much single ..... Take it as a invitation ladies..... Haha ha ha just kidding folks..

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  1. Welcome! 🙂 thanks for liking my comment I left on that guys page !

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  2. Good luck! You can meet great people from all over the world in the blogosphere! See you around 🙂

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  3. Nice theme, too. Have fun 🙂


  4. Good luck! You write very well!


  5. Your blog is really unique 🙂

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  6. Wish you more good luck

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  7. Hi! Your blog is really fun! I would love to know you gathered so many followers so soon?

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