Every great #hero needs A great #villain.

There is no need of medicine until there is presence of disease or we can say there is no importance of light until we trapped in darkness, this basic principle explains the need of great villain to become someone a great hero.
Why should one need to praise or follow some heroic thing where there is no fear of villainous thing to him. Thus explains the role of great villain in success of a superhero.
Normally we all love the superheros but some villains also made us love them too by virtue of there great presence of acting,action and creating fear and hate among viewers. There performance in negative role made the viewers to support and follow the heroes.
Eventually , you readers must be thinking why am i talking so much about negative performances but this is about to praise there contribution to make the battle between good and evil much more interesting and successful.
Lots and lots examples can be given to prove the title of this post like why someone will like Batman if there is no great fearful, hilarious and scary presence of # JOKER. Why someone will like the famous boy who lived # harry potter if there isn’t fear of the one who must not be named ( the dark Lord #VOLDEMORT ).
I agree The fame and success of hero is dependent on his performance but it is equally dependent on his counterpart that is his villain. As strong and scary the villain we get to like as strong ,stylish and good hero. The superb presence and work of a villain make viewers to believe in hero and his greatness and good deeds. Or in otherwords the phenomenal performance of villain makes a successful great hero.
The strong ,scary and furious act of # GOBLIN made the average Peter Parker an amazing Spider-Man.
As like the great and stylish presence of #LOKI made the AVERAGERS look more lovable.
The # Syndrome in animation movie  “The Incredibles” (2004)
# Dr. Otto Octavius in “Spider-Man 2” (2004) and # MAGNETO from X-Men series.
The #General Zod in “Superman II” (1980).
Or Arnold Schwarzenegger as #Mr.
Freeze in “Batman & Robin” (1997) the iconic action star in the world, Arnold
Schwarzenegger was playing
Mr. Freeze, a villain with an
appropriately tragic back story, and
in true Joel Schumacher fashion, he
looked spectacular, painted an icy.

The # RED SKULL from captain America ,with a skull-face. He makes sitting around and doing absolutely nothing look evil. But we’ll give it to his climactic plan, which is to bomb every Allied city into dust.
The list is infinite and having great variety of super villains whose acts are so much needful to have a superhero.
These bad boys makes our affinity towards the good guys. That concludes the title of the post .
Like the Newton said every action has equal and opposite reaction , i say for every successful hero there needs equal or may be more powerful great villainous character.



About Shadab.Rogers.

Shadab its my first name and the Rogers is from captain America's name steve Rogers, i am big big fan of it.. Apart from it i am big fan of tennis especially Rafa Nadal . I love to listen music mostly i like fusion one But hey ..... Dont ask me to sing anything I am really really bad singer .. Haha On the personal counterpart i am very much single ..... Take it as a invitation ladies..... Haha ha ha just kidding folks..

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  1. I agree with you. A great villain makes an average super hero heroic. But is it the other way around?

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    • Yes it is.
      Some heros too make a character and villain make famous and impacting.
      And by other way most of villain characters makes the movie or stories more interesting and challenging.
      Thank u my dear friend for reading and for ur valuable comment.

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  2. In fiction, sure, what’s a hero without a villain to act as a foil? We love it because being fiction, we can generally predict the ending. 🙂

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  3. One of my favorite lines!


  4. Absolutely completely totally agree


  5. This is how some kind of political rhethoric also seems to work. You need to find a strong villain to convince people hat you are the good part, despite of the goals you are really striving for. And the best: It’s working mutual.


  6. Hmmm… Thought provoking… I do agree 🙂 , BTW amazing blog you got here 🙂


  7. Behind every successful hero, there is most vicious villains in

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