Eclipse to human # brain.

Since the news i heard recently about the partial solar eclipse of Sunday 2015. I was thinking about that thing , eclipse off course. The thing eclipse has very interesting and the same time very important role in human life. Independent upon where u live ,east or west , surely u had gone through some illogical or simply non understandable things about it. In my culture that is indian, it is supposed to happen because of monster planet who eats the sun and repels it back when we pray to god. In western culture stories similar to this are popular. U might have seen that in movie ” appocalipto “.
I am doesn’t writing this to clarify the scientific reason behind it. I am writing because i seen some similar eclipses to somewhere else which needs to be repelled out, which are dangerous for humanity and prosperity.
Obsessive Religion , religious obsession ,terrorism related, selfish acts around globe, ego of money power, arrogance of power, racism, discrimination on basis of caste , race , religion , region or nationality, the so cold seen cold war between communism and western world, now seeing the edge of war situation of middle east and north African countries, illiteracy, child labour, human trafficking, drugs trafficking, women harassment , violations on human rights there are so so many things or situations where we see the eclipse overheaded the sun of prosperous humanity.
This time that story looks logical , how that monster evil thing eats the future of world and how we still remains keep and calm , saying without a word .

I remember once Einstein said

” the world would not be destroyed by the bad people who do evil , but by those good people who will still remains idle without doing anything.”

So its our job and responsibility to take part to save our future. Make a world better place for our future race.
Someone say what can i do , i am just an ordinary human but remember there is one spark sufficient for a big bang.
Let us repel that stocked black dark eclipse on our brains. Lets think logical , rational, responsible  and taking efforts for our better future.



About Shadab.Rogers.

Shadab its my first name and the Rogers is from captain America's name steve Rogers, i am big big fan of it.. Apart from it i am big fan of tennis especially Rafa Nadal . I love to listen music mostly i like fusion one But hey ..... Dont ask me to sing anything I am really really bad singer .. Haha On the personal counterpart i am very much single ..... Take it as a invitation ladies..... Haha ha ha just kidding folks..

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  1. Rational thinking…. I believe in this pholosophy too.

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  2. I enjoyed reading this article as well. I like the idea of monster planet eating the sun. Your analogy is very and I agree with your conclusion we do all need to do our part.

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  3. Shadab, that was an incredible thing comparing the eclipse to how all sorts of evil are invading our world, affecting our goodness. I belong to a blog share called 1000 voices for Compassion, which I thought you might like:
    It’s a group of people trying to change the world for good xx Rowena

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  4. I believe that every voice makes a difference no matter how small, and silence is a form of complicity. Thanks for using your voice in a powerful way.

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    • Thank u for this appreciation.
      But i believe, its not only my voice its our voice. Because we all want to live in that good world where there should be place for humanity and morality.
      And u are right, it doesn’t matter how small voice, how small the step is ,
      Matters is it should be in right direction for good purpose.
      Well , thank u dear D.wallance for reading and for ur valuable comment.
      Keep supporting.

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  5. I enjoyed this article. Also,I felt it truly. Whoever reading this please don’t mind as my intention is not to hurt anyone…but I really think that communal riot are really a damage to the society. I don’t know why people differ between religions,according to me only one religion exists,that is humanity. So we should look at each other as a human being and not as hindu,muslim or christian!

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  6. Beautiful write! šŸ’•
    Happy to connect šŸ˜‡
    Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your reviews ā¤


  7. It’s good to read and acknowledge these earthly things that are affecting our daily lives.
    Sometimes I get the feeling that although awareness and concerns are raised and before our eyes, there is a section of mankind that won’t accept reality,ignore’s truth, or sits on the fence!
    It is an interesting topic you cover here. I still am aware that different religions in certain regions can cause wars, but those in charge. . . . . .. . .
    Do they discourage it?
    I’m going to stray here a little and say, look at the amount of youths’ in UK, who are killing each other, and know that divisions among people in this day and age still regurgitate’s the bile of war, even if people feel they are fighting personal wars like these kids.
    I take the opportunity to thank you for reading my poems. Your visits are appreciated!
    You write really good and interesting topics!
    Best wishes.


    • Yaah u r right.
      Many of the problems which i included in this post like racism,hatred,caste race religion discrimination are caused due to human mentality.
      Religion and region is not the problem.
      It is the greed and lust for power and money which results every bad happening in our great world.
      Yes we can change this , my thinking rationaly , with freedom and respect for every human , region, religion and society.
      Our small steps can become a big foot if we all contribute together.

      Thank u dear for sharing ur nice thoughts about this post and overall issue.
      Keep supporting.

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  8. Tonight there will be a lunar eclipse and we’ll be out at the turf fields looking up. Your photos are magnificent, your ideas and thoughts are wonderful.


  9. So let’s get out of fear and be brave and take action………….. the theory of Einstein is absolutely correct. Teach a valuable lesson to monster but don’t become a monster in that procedure

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  10. I think that eclipse called rahu and ketu’s shadow over planets am I right

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  11. Nice photo! the moon like a pondering light, thinking, but always there in day and night, illuminating it’s own time clock. Good and evil is wearing the surface of life down, instead, with out heaven there is no hell.
    Pain in suffering is not an invention of man, the elements on the earth has molted many humans, in fear and fantasy, played over again and again. We know dogs, cats and more can humanized, seen in protecting there human kin. So there must something born good in human, know that a starving animal, can be a viscous animal. It nurturing has been skimmed I wonder what happen if we forgot old man and old woman talk and look at something that we can see no further away than what we see. Internet it within. i do not like to use the love because it been used for other purposes.

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