It says depressed mind writes better !

I heard once there it said that the writer’s words express itself when either he is not happy or worse when he is in love.

I found it very tricky and funny as well but as i looked it closer i realized it there is something in those lines.
I am not saying all writers are unhappy but most of writing comes from the hidden grim and hurtful emotions. 

By thinking it in psychological way we get a different perspective that of condition of mind. That discarded emotions exploding inside, the hurricane of thoughts burning inside, makes it way through the writer’s sword , the pen of course.
And yeah about love, what can i say.
Its devine and devil at the same time.
That makes you strong at same time you feel weak inside.
Words are surely short to describe thats why i think it comes that extra words needed comes through writers mind.
Or i say through his heart. Haha.

Well You may also say i am writing so i might be feeling the same ,
Yes indeed.
But i need your perspective too.
I might be wrong but i want to know then whats right.

Cheers to all !!!!

About Shadab.Rogers.

Shadab its my first name and the Rogers is from captain America's name steve Rogers, i am big big fan of it.. Apart from it i am big fan of tennis especially Rafa Nadal . I love to listen music mostly i like fusion one But hey ..... Dont ask me to sing anything I am really really bad singer .. Haha On the personal counterpart i am very much single ..... Take it as a invitation ladies..... Haha ha ha just kidding folks..

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  1. I totally agree w/that. Also the meds… lol

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  2. It seems the best writers suffer from melancholy, are generally introverted and even isolated, but gifted with a release in words. I also think strong readers prefer to read confessional poetry and writing. I have known brilliant poets who must be high to be at their their best but passing over a line, their works become crap.

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  3. I have also believed that love and sadness act as catalysts to art.

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  4. My writing comes from my healing. I was in a crap.relationship and once I got right I started to write. I hope my mess becomes my message.

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  5. I think the title is absolutely right….depressed mind writes better….anyway nice post

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