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Stay hungry stay foolish- jobs way

I don’t even think how anyone can feel after kicking off from his own company,more of it when you have done nothing wrong..
But one man rises above all this stuff like as best as a Phoenix from its ashes to the skyline of glory..
Yes i am talking about the the greatest technocrat of the millennium the legend himself Steve Jobs .The man who called “looser of silicon valley ” but indeed he discarded them all in his own style. I can’t even imagine to explain him in blog .it will need a series of post which i will do .
This is all about a man who never complained about his problems,hurdles not even created an excuse in time of fall. This shows a character of a fighter. From start of life as alone , the struggle in youth ,the risk of becoming a owner with partner Steve wozz. , taste of glory with MAC 1, MAC2 , Then the hardest part to dropping out from its own company, then rising again like a sun of dawn , creating history with ipod and then the curse of pancreatic cancer …
But he wasn’t called legend for nothing ,rising against the cancer and back to business with the grand success of iPhones and iPads ….
      his life is full of up and downs like any other human , but what makes him different is his response to hurdles .
We will see his dramatically movie like life in way i saw it ..
Hope you will like it .to read it
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To be continued…..