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At my very first #date…take -1

The moon was more bright this evening, looking like smiling towards me to encourage me and wish me luck for my very first dinner date with her,
I had always dreamed about it since i was in love and mad about her , every moment i dreamt her. But that moment of life arrived today.
Eagerness in the eyes, never like ending waiting, all eyes towards entrance , gazing to see just her, uncontrolled patience. I was having real restless moments. Every second was like feeling like never ending decades.
Thinking all in mind what to say and what not to say to her, how to start talking with and how to manage her all killer looks and heart hunting beauty.

Well it wasn’t easy at all to talk someone whom do you love, my romeo friends will agree me, who have witnessed this scenario at least once in life. The courage that needs to take a constant eye contact, to talk with attitude what you want to and remain cool dude when you are burning inside.
Lots of things coming and going fastly in my mind, what should be my approach and words, which romantic hero should i copy, Tom cruise or brad Pitt. I was dressed too like as a hero, like never before. What should i order to look cool and dashing stud ( no alcohol please haha).
Carrying this a bunch of old fashioned style of roses and a chocolate box every one passing by me was laughing and wishing me luck , cause they seemed that it is my first date, as that was no rocket science in it , when you are looking at my moves and restless walk at the reception here and there, checking time after every minute, just like showing my brand new Swiss watch. And yeah constantly looking at the door as she arrived or not.
I was living a hell like long waiting, still there wasn’t a sign of her, my mind was in a confused state of mess thinking ” is she coming or dropped her idea?” But hang on she never broken her words before so I convinced myself , that she had told she will come , so she will come.
Moments after moments were running on,  and


There she comes, looking her entrance at the door i was feeling my all wishes came true. Suddenly got pumped up from a frozen waiting frog to a dancing ,charming and happening monkey ( yeah a goofy , smiling , dancing monkey haha.).
After controlling my mind not to doing any funny business, i take my walk towards her , to welcome her and make a grand walk with my princess through the hall. To show that finally this king is  with his queen. I reached at her, with a smiling face , saying ” hey, finally arrived, i thought you never gonna come.”
She stared me with a cunning eyes replying,” yes , i had to come, i told you so.” And adding to that ” you don’t look  much happy to see me , do you ?”  , That was a bouncer for me , a real hard question to crack. I was shattered at her very first line , imagining how can a cute little mouse survive in front of a smart , cunning, beautiful kinky cat.

It was still hard to face her , I gathered all my strength and said, ” well, why not one should be happy after seeing his magical dream coming true , on a wonderful , sweet romantic dinner with a gorgeous , beautiful ,smart angel  ? ”
Well that was a bang on first flirting dialogue from me. Waiting to see what should be her response.

She smiled at me, taking my hand in hers, came close and said,
“yeah ?? Well then come on lets carry on, my ROMEO , by the way nice flirting try on first take, looks like you have made nice practice of dialogues haha.!! ”
I was on the top of the world hearing that , got a real stunning reply to start off the date. After all this nervous start , finally a comprehensive stroke of words by me , and better than the best replies as always by her.
Looks like i am having a promising performance at the start of my very first date.



Well lots of to carry on and even lots of to surprise on.
We will see what happened next in upcoming parts.
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