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The boy who learned it is for # love…part-3

Previously we saw how Ron managed to get selected for the city’s rockstar competition, how Amy supported him and how happy moments there generated in Rons hell like life…..

Now we will see what  happened   next . Thats part 3.

Hope you will like it…

Ron was so happy now, he had made it.
The competition selection, with ease.
He was then delivered with his selection letter and an invitation to the next round thats auditorium round.
He had to prepare for that now, and thinking what will be the lyrics as he wants only to sing the originals and that all written and composed by himself.

Suddenly he remembered his dad, his all happiness evaporated at a moment.
What will he think about, how can I convince him , rather there are no chances to convince then how could i save myself from his anger and hate,
Did i made wrong decision that to participate ?
Several questions were hitting the Ron’s brain and making his mind wounded.

His all happiness disappeared , he was nervous and tensed again,
And here comes Amy, likes angel of water to thirsty desert.

“Hey Ron, are u all right? U look tensed. Whats happened” said Amy.

“Yaah ,” said Ron with sad face.

” it is about your father na, ?” Said Amy with glimpse face and added
” look Ron, its your life, its ur dream, and you have to believe in it.
No matter how people stop you. You must go ahead.
And about your father he will also know what’s your your will. But right now you must know that you are not doing anything wrong.”

Ron’s eyes were opened by that so sincere words of Amy. He was pumped up again by the inspiration of his best supporter. He was ready to fight again
And said ,
” yes Amy, u r right, i will fight.”
Said with smile , hugged Amy and proceeded back to home.

Ron entered his home , closed the door and shouted
” mom , where are u ? Why the hell the door is open, cant you close it ?”
As he shouted Julia comes from room and said ,” sorry i came back from hospital for monthly diagnosis so …..forgotten to close, i was lost in my thoughts. ” julia said with tears in her eyes. Hiding her crying face from Ron.

” stop crying mom, i am sorry.
Forget all, whats the doctor said ? “Asked Ron.

” he said can’t tell at this position, to go for chemotherapy or operation, his nervous face saying it all , I don’t know have many days i have left i was worried who will take care both of you after me ?” Said Julia with shattered face.

” stop this nonsense mom, u will live , no one can take my mom away, “said Ron with crying face and hugged Julia.

Ron was lying on his bed thinking about all mom,Amy, father, and competition.
What to do , what not to do
He was confused again .
But he had promised Amy for competition.
So finally he decided he will try to win and by the winning reward he will try to cure his mother.
He fixed that i hos mind and started to work on his next round of competition.
And again main part in that to hide this all from his father , who was really against his music .
He will never let him to do this. So Ron decided to do all silently. Not to tell his mom too.

He didn’t known what he was doing but first time he was feeling confident and passionate about his music.
At the end he gathered all his courage to fix all to say he will. He will participate, he will win . And don’t care about his father or anything at all.

Just his music.

The next day………

The next round was Auditorium , much bigger and more tougher.
Next morning he packed for to go to this round , slowly and silently that his father couldn’t get clue about it. He had to do it in
He was feeling performance pressure and nervous due to it.
But Amy was with her keeping her hand on his shoulder to say i am with u , go do your best.
He closed his eyes. After a few seconds
Wearing the special bandana that Amy made for him , written Ron on it,

Gatherd his all nerves entered the hall with a nervous small steps,

And just got petrified by the view.

He was standing alone on a big stage, in front of three reputed judges .
Adding to it a house full audience in hall near around thousand of people constantly staring at him. Waiting to see what he is gonna deliver.
It was his first time , doing like it in front of a big crowd like this.
The three judges, first the lead singer from local band ” The IMPLACABLES” mr. Mike,
Second the famous music director” Marcus brown ”
And the third who was not at auditions mr. Charles Zen , who was the chairman of ZEN music, one of leading music company known for his best music releases.
As the announcer announced Ron’s name , there wasn’t appreciation from the crowd hearing his name,
He took the mike, standing centre of stage,
” so Ron , we meet again , what today you have for us ? ” asked mike.

” yes mike , pleasure to meet u all again, today i have again a self written song that is very special for me, hope u like it.” Said Ron with a smiling face.

” ok , then lets get started” said Marcus.
As Ron takes close his mike and started,
Soft strings of guitar in background and lovely piano to support.

“Calm my head cool my heart
All the spoof that i feed
Take my soul to the heaven
Love is all i need
Love is all i need.

My mom feeding me with her hands
That moments i greed
To push again my hearty feels
Love is all i need
Love is all i need.

The words which i never said
To girl which is my hearts seed
To take her romantic kiss
Love is all i need
Yehhhhh  Yehhhh
The love is all i need.

The ……….love……….is ………allllllll…..i…..neeeeeeeeed.

As Ron ends his song with eyes closed , voice on a high notes , screaming out of his heart.
As he opened his eyes he saw the public on their feets , giving a standing ovation , clapping loud as they can .
Shouting to support as they can.
The judges too joined the audience clapping in standing ovation.
The whole atmosphere was now filled with the mesmerizing performance of Ron and clapping support of viewers.
Fee moments after as the sound goes slower mike took the mike ( yes two mikes hahaha) and cam walking on stage saying,
” i am leading singer of band but i see you as my leading singer man, what a performance, what a show u did , just out…standing.
Let hear a big round of plows for ron”

And hugged ron , tapped his shoulder and went back to his seat.

Now Marcus took the mike saying ” Ron you proved us right that we selected you. Yesssss what a performance., i am saying again, if u carry this no one can stop u from winning. Cheers man”

“Thank u ” said Ron.
and at last Charles Zen took the mike saying,” Ron, i wasn’t at auditions, and i am feeling so so bad about it , that i lost one opportunity to hear u , man
Truly you are best , i am saying this after listening all the generations of your kind but you are different and sure what a performance.
The lyrics touched my heart especially the line of mother, what not can i say.
Cheers man.carry on ”

Ron was left with tears now. Smiling towards the audience with gratitude that shown for him.
He was in ocean of success now that he selected for the next round .
One step closer to the championship.

A glimpse of victory in his eyes , a sign of success on his face raising his hands for the audience for their appreciation.
Forgotten all his problems he was on sky today.

Don’t know what will happen next but now he had a moment for life…..


Story remains biased again on happiness of Ron and sadness in his life .
Many questions remains unanswered
What will his father have to say ?
How Ron will manage it all ?

We will find it all in our next parts.

Hope u like it .
Waiting for your feedbacks and reactions.



Love is in the Air…..

Today i will let the poet inside me to express his words, words full of feeling , words full of joy , words full of sadness.
The lines which made me crazy when i first heard it,
That lines which provokes my heart my soul, my mind , the line —

Love is in the Air.

I just love this line , hence using that i made my own poem few years ago,

This seems the feeling of a lover
to his/ her dear,
Hope u all like it,

Your gaze at me
Keeping down me crazy
My heart started beating fast
saying there’s
Love is in the air.

Your curved sweet smile
The dazzling pink lips
Shattered my soul and me to
Gathered me again to say
Love is in the air.

Your deep Watery eyes
Piercing through my mind
Mesmerizing my mind and stolen
Heart away to feel
Love is in the air.

Shining coloury your hairs
Trapping my heart in its curls
Simulating romance of rain
Making me wet in that to say
Love is in the air.

Spoken lovely words of you
Sweetened my ears and
Reached through to my soul
feeling there’s
Love is in the air.

Your first interaction to me
A lifetime memory to keep
Hard to neglect the experience
Awakened me to say
Love is in the air.

Though there are differences within
Lots of Distances within
But your magical affection
Still make me to believe
Love is in the air.

I know you can’t be mine
I hav to live this truth all time
But there’s another truth which says
There’s always
Love is in the air.


The boy who learned it is for #love – Part 2

Previously we saw the disturbed life of Ron and opportunity ahead of him to be a rockstar ,
    So lets see whats happened next-
It was a new day again, but this morning was a confusing for Ron. As he was in two minds to do what. If he choose to take part in competition, his whole family would be into a new battlefield and if he decide not to participate then he will loose a great chance to achieve his dreams.
This morning he didn’t talked anyone at home, he went classes so early today but landed in college park bench as usual. Sitting on it looking like a Socrates in his great thinking philosophy, can’t even able to decide what to do. His passion was calling him to raise his hand but his father’s attitude was pulling him down. And above that he was scared about his mother, what will happen to her if see grabbed down to this father-son issue as she was patient of cancer. He was really in a great mental trouble.
As then Amy arrived,saying ” hey Ron ”
Ron replied ” hi , how r u?”
Amy said ” fine, what about u?”
” i am good “, Ron said .
” but u Don’t look like ” amy replied with a smile.
No reply from Ron, he was silenced with sadness on his face .

”  i know what r u dealing now , its hard for u , i can understand “said Amy .
Ron just nodded to that .
” but u have to find a way out of it ,being sad and punishing urself is not the answer” said Amy.

Ron replied ,” i know” with a blank face.

” may be i could talk to your dad , if u say ” Amy asked .
Then suddenly said Ron” don’t ever, he will not understand my feelings,he behaves like my enemy.”

” don’t think like that ron ,he also has his view to say what he thinks and he is ur father dont say like that” said Amy and added     ” i think u have to talk to him and see what he says , but i believe u must take part .”

” i also want to take part but he will not let me ” said Ron.

” but whats wrong to give audition? Just give it a shot , we will see it ahead and try to convince him ” said Amy

” yaah thats cool ! Why i didn’t think that?” Ron replied with a smile on its face.
” so lets get ready my star , tomorrow there are auditions in our college” said Amy and added ” i had also registered your name yesterday ”  with a blink of eye and laugh on face.

” you ………….” said Ron with amazed face and started laughing with Amy.
Saying “you knew u will convince me.
Sometimes u act really freaky ”

” i know ” said Amy added ” i know u mom than u do.”

” u r bestest Friday of mine and most wonderful person i had ever seen”said Ron with a smile.
And they both started their way towards their classes.

Now the day has arrived……….

This morning he wasn’t feeling what he used to everyday, he was happy today , anxious to perform curious about the competition. He was pumping with confidence while confused what to sing on auditions. He closed his eyes thinking what should be the best, searching the what should sing, suddenly he remembered one song he composed years before,

   ” how can i say what u meant to me ,
     Like my shadow without which i am 
     not me. ”

He was settled now, went college early today and usually landed at college park.
Nervous he was obviously because of performance pressure, and here Amy comes with a new bandana i her hand ,
She offered that to him saying,
” take this, i made it , wish u all the best go on and blast it”

” wow !!” said Ron,and added” its written Ron on it , looks great, thanks Amy”

” you r welcome Ron” said Amy.
And they both departed towards auditions.
It was crowded place,long lines of new singers few talented and most came just for fun .
Then Ron registered his entry, and he was in the queue. Thinking about lyrics and tone.
“Who is Ron Miller ?”announcer asked.
” i am” said Ron
“you are next,get ready” announcer said Ron nodded in agreement and started to wait at entrance door.

Few moments after the door opened and previous participant came out , he was looking nervous ,sadness on his face. Anyone can say he had a really bad encounter with judges by just looking his reactions.
That made Ron little bit more scared,he was thinking like going into lions cave, he was afraid at that time, walked into room,and stood in front of judge panel.
The panel was of 3 , one college lecturer from music and department prof. Lisa Martin , second was a lead singer from the local band  “THE  IMPECCABLES  ” mr. Mike  and third was a known famous music director mr. Marcus Brown.
Mike asked “so ur name is Ron , hows u?”with looking filled form of Ron.
” i am fine ” said Ron.

“So what u got today for us ?”asked Brown.
” i would like to sing a song i composed” said Ron.
” wow, we are eager to hear, let’s start ” said mike ..
Then Ron took a second a bit , with his guitar in his hands ,took a deep breath ,closed his eyes, rings strings of guitar to get started to sing his song ,

    ” How can i say what u meant to me ,
     Like my shadow without which i am 
     not me,
     Like a fragrance of rose which can’t be separated ,
     Like a tune of mother nature which can’t be interrupted….

The song goes on , judges were mesmerized by his voice, his tone his feelings of words , the magic of his poetry, the attention attraction of the composition, they all loving it .
But Ron was lost in his song , taking deep into music with all his soul. His dedication towards music looking great on his face.
Few moments after his song completed ,room filled with a silence for a while
Ron was looking now towards judges, seeking their response to him ,

Then mike took the stance and said , “Ron, umhhhhh what to say , better be i show through my actions”
Mike gave a wicked smile to co-judges and stood up for standing ovation with clappings for Ron, the other two also joined and room filled with glooming sounds of appreciations .
Ron was left with tears of joy, looking like he is finally achieved what he wants. The river of smiles flowing through his face.

“Ron,” said mike ” u r simply best, ur pure voice, feelings got me crazy pal , i want u in my team , u r really going to set fire on stage if u continue this,mark my words. As i say u r in”

“Thank u sir” sid Ron.

“Ron” said prof lisa , ” u make our college proud , keep it up ”
Ron nodded in gratitude to prof. Lisa martin.

“Ron” said Marcus Brown,” u r the most prominent young singer i have ever listened, and u played guitar really nice in accordance to the song and i agree to mike, the poetry, ur feelings,made it more impacted on our hearts , as i say u are welcome to competition, keep it up man ”
Ron was on the moon hearing that , with satisfaction on his face and tears of joys in his eyes. With that smiling face he came out of room as he saw Amy waiting there , she stood up as he saw Ron looking in his eyes predicting what was about results and then Ron yelled,
       ” yessssss !!!!”
Hearing that Amy ran towards him and hugs him with big smile on her face ,
“My rockstar , u did it”
” well its just a start , competition is still ahead , i don’t know whats next ?”said Ron.
” all will be fine, and i am with u ” said Amy .
Happy moments there, as they headed towards their classes remained.
Ron’s looking happy, smiling as never before. Amy was with her as always.

They didn’t know whats hidden in future what will Ron’s dad have to say or shout at him but Ron was confident to achieve what he dreamt about. It was looking in his eyes. And more of all Amy was with him like his shadow.


Now this story is standing at even.

Still there is Steve’s resistance yet to come ,
Julia’s reactions about it yet to see.

Feed with ur valuable response and comments .
Keep supporting, see what happens next……..


The boy who learned it is For # love ….part 1

All names, characters, places , things and situations written in this post and its next parts are purely imaginary and out of creativity, it is not related to any human or caste community or religion or nation , if you find any resemblance its just coincidence.
Ron, the 23 year old boy sitting on the bench of park nearby his home. He was looking sad , miserable , with a shade of anger on his face. Thinking what’s the hell of his life had became. Having no clue at all to solve his doodled life .
That was became his day today activity.  He used to come there every time when he argued with his parents. Steve ,his dad a 52 year old businessman and Julia his mother, 49 year old housewife. The gorgeous lovely looking couple as we look from outside but the harsh reality of that relationship was very closely seen by Ron .
The night was getting dark as he went back home with disappointed face, rings the bell and his mother opened the door and asked
” where you been For hours , can’t you come home on time ? Its getting 11on clock. Do you have any care for us ?”

” cool down mom , don’t start it again ” Ron replied and gone to his room kicking the door in anger to close.
This was the day today drama of his life.
What was the reason behind this , it was the drastically spoiled relationship of his parents he seen through years he grown up. He saw everyday his parents arguing , fighting , shouting , crying. Steve his father,a businessman coming home everyday with his tension and stress of his career and profession , and here Julia his mom not happy with the behavior and economic conditions of his husband. Due to this day to day clash of their egos their life was became hell. This was having very bad effect on small Ron , imagine a kid seeing his parents fighting everyday. As he growing older, he always asks himself a question ” why the hell they married if they didnt care each other ,why they are living together when they cant even tolerate each other for a second.
As he became more older his thinking and life became more drastic. After seeing this bad conclusion of a love marriage of his parents he had lost faith on the love and relationship. He started to think the worst thing to do is to love and marry.
Above all this,his father’s resistance to Ron’s passion towards music was adding salt to injury. Steve think he is wasting his life in music, he better be doing business and all that like him. But that wasn’t acceptable to Ron.
Thats were roots of that family problems , day to day arguments.
As sun rises again Ron wakes up and getting ready for college. As he walks down to hall Steve asked him
” where are you going?”

” Where the hell i should have been supposed to go with college sack ” Ron replied with a bit of anger.
Then steve said ” come do some breakfast”
” no” Ron said ” you eat, and stop making this drama that u care for me ”

” shut up .how dare you .dont you have any respect for your farther? Thats the way u talk to me ?Steve said with anger

” and the way u talk to mom , what about that ? Don’t teach me now “Ron replied and dashed the door as he gone to college.
It was again a everyday start for him. Leaving him with deep anger and frustration pushing him hard making him miserable and vulnerable again. Its time to take a bench in college park so he gone towards park and selected a cornered bench and sat down there thinking what the hell is happening.

” hi, how are you? Don’t u want to attend classes ” Amy asked.
Amy a 22 year old classmate of Ron , young smart , lovely and beautiful.

“Fine.HOw’s u? And how did u find me ?”Ron asked.

“Well it isn’t hard to find u , everyone knows that u will be only available at two places either classroom or the great bench of park” she replied and asked ” had u argued ur parents today also ”

” its not me who starts the fights” Ron replied quickly and said ” forget all this lets go to classes.”

Thats too the everyday drama of Ron’s life. But what was good that he had a great friend like Amy who knows him more than him, who knows how to cool down his anger and let get him with happy mood to avoid his all problems. Amy was the blushing rose in Ron’s desert like life. He forget his all complications when he was with her. They were the best of friends among all since their childhood. Now they were completing their degree at second year of course.
As they were attending lecture ,a team of cultural events of college came into their class for an announcement. They said the city is having a big rockstar singing competition at Christmas eve and its having a intercollege competition for that so they were asking anyone wants to participate for that should contact them.
Hearing that Amy smiled with surprise and looked towards Ron but Ron wasn’t seeing happy at all.
After classes Amy asked him ” Hey Ron, you didn’t look happy at all. Dont you happy to hear the announcement? Don’t wanna participate in that ?

“No” said Ron, ” i don’t have any energy and time  to fight again and again with my dad, he will not understand me , instead of that he Will make me more disappointmented and frustrations. I don’t want any more problems to my life. I have enough of them.”

“But” said Amy and asked ” think again please”
But Ron said ” Please dont force me , i dont want to talk about that. Lets go home ”
And they went to their homes.
But Ron wasn’t finished on that , his passion for music was not letting settle him down. His night was more sleepless than everyday.Thinking all about the competition and his father. He always wanted such chance to make his dream come true , to make himself a graet musician, a rockstar singer.
Now opportunity was in front of him but his mind was so complicated by his family and life issues he couldn’t coming to decision to take part or not. But thinking about his father he thought not to do that , so that he could find some silence and peace in his life.
But was it good for him or it was just thinking about his father and family.
Many of us would think why is he still living with his father when he can’t tolerate him, the answer was his mother, Julia , A patient of cancer. Decaying everyday with her health ,someone needed to stay with her.
That doesn’t mean Steve was not caring of her wife Julia but problem was as their relationship was at a level of that point when nothing more worse can happen, they argue fight shout eachtime they face , even on smallest things.
Julia’s health was ok ok at that time as they were early stages of cancer. She can walk , cook and does the day-to-day activities but traveling and going outside home wasn’t food for him. So she always used to stay at home , Steve cares about her medicine doses of everydays but he used to talk less with her perhaps not as talking leads them to fights and arguments and Steve didn’t want to give any stress to her so he made him busy in his work and arguing to Ron.
This triangular family of problems of everyone looks like a happy from outside but equally drastic and problematic from inside.
That all thing in which Ron was living with his own problems about music thinking all night long about all.

Suddenly his phone rang ,to break the silence of his room, it was a message from Amy –
” Hey , i know u r still awake , don’t think too much , all will be fine ,go sleep and please rethink about competition  , goodnight. Sleep first, catch u tomrow.”

Ron smiled as he finished this message thinking how she knows all about him , how well she understands him.How lucky is he that he got such a friend.
All thinking about that he went down to sleep. No clue whatsoever to do tomorrow.
Lets see what fate brings him tomorrow , what new he will get .
Lets see…….


Many questions unanswered , what will Ron decide about competition ?
What will Amy’s reaction?
What will his dad Steve will have to say or shout ?
Well its just first part of this story
Feed with your comments to see whats coming ahead ….