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We will remember you…..”ALWAYS”…….RIP severus SNAPE.

It was quite a good morning until i read the news ,
Actor/director Alan Rickman passes away.
That struck me through, shaken my heart and soul and i couldn’t even believe on my eyes but later i found unfortunately its true.

The famous half blood prince , head of slytherene house, Hogwarts headmaster, the bravest man , a lover , a true lover i say, is no more.


Through these years i seen the great Harry potter saga, i was always curious about that man, whether he was hero or a villain, and truly speaking i wasn’t got that answer until last 20-30 min. Of last deathly Hallows part 2nd.
His performance to carry out that suspense through is said to be phenomenal and incredibly genius, at class act.
His slowish style of speaking, impacting words of importance , the deadly scary look in his eyes, and Flick of his cloak to turn around was really a mesmerizing experience for me through these years.

My most favorite or i say bestest ever few minutes of Harry potter saga is when snape says to Dumbledore about how he loved Lilly so much , and how he raised harry and protected him years    and showing his patronus charm of dow saying,


That steals my heart every time i watch it, but next time it will be knowing he is not here anymore, that makes me sad and feels to loose your loved one.

But thats life you have to deal with it with a strong heart , saluting his great work, giving him goodbye gestures with love and humbled hearts.
Appreciating his lifes work and his contribution to our lifes lovely memories.

Besides of Harry potter he has done various award winning acts in
Robinhood – prince of thieves ( getting bafta award for that)1991
Swini tod- the demon barber of flit street.
Truely-Madly-Deeply 1990
Sense and sensibility1995
Love actually 2003
Li Daniels
The butler
A little chaos ….

The list is long and incredibly mesmerizing.


I remember once he said in press conference

” when i will be in my 80’s and still reading harry potter by jk rolling, my mother will asks me how long will you read this only book ??

I will say……….ALWAYS .”

That made me laugh at that time but now its making me hard to digest that he won’t be with us now on.

Here i present my sincere deep and hearty sympathy towards him  and asks many blessings for his soul.

This post is tribute to my prof. Snape ,
A lover, a true lover , who teaches me meaning of love , care and sacrifice.
May god bless his soul.
           ” RIP severus Snape “
But we will not let him go away from our hearts, he will be there ,


Alan Rickmans last farewell to Harry potter film.