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I will Rise Again…..

Hey there, todays post is dedicated to my role model  #RAFAEL  NADAL.
I am a big big fan of rafa ,
but u also known rafa’s downfall in current season. He may have lost matches but not our support, our love.

This poem of mine shows his great amount of fighting spirit and super ambitious will to rule the court.

Its not only limited to rafa , u can relate it to anyone’s struggle and fight to be succeed.
Hope u will like it…..



Push me at the deepest grounds
Hold my neck as a lion bounds
pierce it till the bloody end
Go and try your all dark aim
But remember one thing,
I will rise again.

Cut my wings if you can
Drop me from heights u greedy man
Try to fire up my flying span
Take whatever u wanna gain
But do remember one thing
I will rise again.

May this time you are the king
I may not control my usual swing
Defeat might be my current tag
I am not in my usual swag,
I will bear the losing pain
But prepare urself because
I will rise again.

Now my name has bursted
My fame and glory not trusted
But ego of mine is hard to crack
that fame and name i will regain
Wait and prepare because
I will rise again.

Yes i have failed down to the base
that questions my future case
You wanna hit Me out of court
But pushing me is not so plain
Get ready to lose because
I will rise again.

May i have lost the battle
But the war is mine
One thing i assure you that
Final stroke will be mine
Lots of things there but
One thing is main
Always remember one thing that
I will rise again.