The boy who learned it is for #love – Part 2

Previously we saw the disturbed life of Ron and opportunity ahead of him to be a rockstar ,
    So lets see whats happened next-
It was a new day again, but this morning was a confusing for Ron. As he was in two minds to do what. If he choose to take part in competition, his whole family would be into a new battlefield and if he decide not to participate then he will loose a great chance to achieve his dreams.
This morning he didn’t talked anyone at home, he went classes so early today but landed in college park bench as usual. Sitting on it looking like a Socrates in his great thinking philosophy, can’t even able to decide what to do. His passion was calling him to raise his hand but his father’s attitude was pulling him down. And above that he was scared about his mother, what will happen to her if see grabbed down to this father-son issue as she was patient of cancer. He was really in a great mental trouble.
As then Amy arrived,saying ” hey Ron ”
Ron replied ” hi , how r u?”
Amy said ” fine, what about u?”
” i am good “, Ron said .
” but u Don’t look like ” amy replied with a smile.
No reply from Ron, he was silenced with sadness on his face .

”  i know what r u dealing now , its hard for u , i can understand “said Amy .
Ron just nodded to that .
” but u have to find a way out of it ,being sad and punishing urself is not the answer” said Amy.

Ron replied ,” i know” with a blank face.

” may be i could talk to your dad , if u say ” Amy asked .
Then suddenly said Ron” don’t ever, he will not understand my feelings,he behaves like my enemy.”

” don’t think like that ron ,he also has his view to say what he thinks and he is ur father dont say like that” said Amy and added     ” i think u have to talk to him and see what he says , but i believe u must take part .”

” i also want to take part but he will not let me ” said Ron.

” but whats wrong to give audition? Just give it a shot , we will see it ahead and try to convince him ” said Amy

” yaah thats cool ! Why i didn’t think that?” Ron replied with a smile on its face.
” so lets get ready my star , tomorrow there are auditions in our college” said Amy and added ” i had also registered your name yesterday ”  with a blink of eye and laugh on face.

” you ………….” said Ron with amazed face and started laughing with Amy.
Saying “you knew u will convince me.
Sometimes u act really freaky ”

” i know ” said Amy added ” i know u mom than u do.”

” u r bestest Friday of mine and most wonderful person i had ever seen”said Ron with a smile.
And they both started their way towards their classes.

Now the day has arrived……….

This morning he wasn’t feeling what he used to everyday, he was happy today , anxious to perform curious about the competition. He was pumping with confidence while confused what to sing on auditions. He closed his eyes thinking what should be the best, searching the what should sing, suddenly he remembered one song he composed years before,

   ” how can i say what u meant to me ,
     Like my shadow without which i am 
     not me. ”

He was settled now, went college early today and usually landed at college park.
Nervous he was obviously because of performance pressure, and here Amy comes with a new bandana i her hand ,
She offered that to him saying,
” take this, i made it , wish u all the best go on and blast it”

” wow !!” said Ron,and added” its written Ron on it , looks great, thanks Amy”

” you r welcome Ron” said Amy.
And they both departed towards auditions.
It was crowded place,long lines of new singers few talented and most came just for fun .
Then Ron registered his entry, and he was in the queue. Thinking about lyrics and tone.
“Who is Ron Miller ?”announcer asked.
” i am” said Ron
“you are next,get ready” announcer said Ron nodded in agreement and started to wait at entrance door.

Few moments after the door opened and previous participant came out , he was looking nervous ,sadness on his face. Anyone can say he had a really bad encounter with judges by just looking his reactions.
That made Ron little bit more scared,he was thinking like going into lions cave, he was afraid at that time, walked into room,and stood in front of judge panel.
The panel was of 3 , one college lecturer from music and department prof. Lisa Martin , second was a lead singer from the local band  “THE  IMPECCABLES  ” mr. Mike  and third was a known famous music director mr. Marcus Brown.
Mike asked “so ur name is Ron , hows u?”with looking filled form of Ron.
” i am fine ” said Ron.

“So what u got today for us ?”asked Brown.
” i would like to sing a song i composed” said Ron.
” wow, we are eager to hear, let’s start ” said mike ..
Then Ron took a second a bit , with his guitar in his hands ,took a deep breath ,closed his eyes, rings strings of guitar to get started to sing his song ,

    ” How can i say what u meant to me ,
     Like my shadow without which i am 
     not me,
     Like a fragrance of rose which can’t be separated ,
     Like a tune of mother nature which can’t be interrupted….

The song goes on , judges were mesmerized by his voice, his tone his feelings of words , the magic of his poetry, the attention attraction of the composition, they all loving it .
But Ron was lost in his song , taking deep into music with all his soul. His dedication towards music looking great on his face.
Few moments after his song completed ,room filled with a silence for a while
Ron was looking now towards judges, seeking their response to him ,

Then mike took the stance and said , “Ron, umhhhhh what to say , better be i show through my actions”
Mike gave a wicked smile to co-judges and stood up for standing ovation with clappings for Ron, the other two also joined and room filled with glooming sounds of appreciations .
Ron was left with tears of joy, looking like he is finally achieved what he wants. The river of smiles flowing through his face.

“Ron,” said mike ” u r simply best, ur pure voice, feelings got me crazy pal , i want u in my team , u r really going to set fire on stage if u continue this,mark my words. As i say u r in”

“Thank u sir” sid Ron.

“Ron” said prof lisa , ” u make our college proud , keep it up ”
Ron nodded in gratitude to prof. Lisa martin.

“Ron” said Marcus Brown,” u r the most prominent young singer i have ever listened, and u played guitar really nice in accordance to the song and i agree to mike, the poetry, ur feelings,made it more impacted on our hearts , as i say u are welcome to competition, keep it up man ”
Ron was on the moon hearing that , with satisfaction on his face and tears of joys in his eyes. With that smiling face he came out of room as he saw Amy waiting there , she stood up as he saw Ron looking in his eyes predicting what was about results and then Ron yelled,
       ” yessssss !!!!”
Hearing that Amy ran towards him and hugs him with big smile on her face ,
“My rockstar , u did it”
” well its just a start , competition is still ahead , i don’t know whats next ?”said Ron.
” all will be fine, and i am with u ” said Amy .
Happy moments there, as they headed towards their classes remained.
Ron’s looking happy, smiling as never before. Amy was with her as always.

They didn’t know whats hidden in future what will Ron’s dad have to say or shout at him but Ron was confident to achieve what he dreamt about. It was looking in his eyes. And more of all Amy was with him like his shadow.


Now this story is standing at even.

Still there is Steve’s resistance yet to come ,
Julia’s reactions about it yet to see.

Feed with ur valuable response and comments .
Keep supporting, see what happens next……..



About Shadab.Rogers.

Shadab its my first name and the Rogers is from captain America's name steve Rogers, i am big big fan of it.. Apart from it i am big fan of tennis especially Rafa Nadal . I love to listen music mostly i like fusion one But hey ..... Dont ask me to sing anything I am really really bad singer .. Haha On the personal counterpart i am very much single ..... Take it as a invitation ladies..... Haha ha ha just kidding folks..

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  1. I’m enjoying your story. When I was in high school, my boyfriend was a musician. He came from a home where their was a lot of arguing and a mean step father. His parents asked me to try to talk him into studying business in college. I know how my boyfriend’s story turned out. I’m looking forward to seeing how Ron’s story ends.


  2. New one here pls watch my page

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  3. It is the best article of yours..


  4. Awesome… Keep writing 👍 my – love #2 is cmng soon..


  5. Shafab, I love your story. The ending won my tears. The happiness of Ron touched my heart. Yes, we need to give a try otherwise nothing will ever even get started. Nothing would ever come after! It is our own choice wither to bury it or to shine it.

    Liked by 1 person

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