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The boy who learned it is for # love…part-3

Previously we saw how Ron managed to get selected for the city’s rockstar competition, how Amy supported him and how happy moments there generated in Rons hell like life…..

Now we will see what  happened   next . Thats part 3.

Hope you will like it…

Ron was so happy now, he had made it.
The competition selection, with ease.
He was then delivered with his selection letter and an invitation to the next round thats auditorium round.
He had to prepare for that now, and thinking what will be the lyrics as he wants only to sing the originals and that all written and composed by himself.

Suddenly he remembered his dad, his all happiness evaporated at a moment.
What will he think about, how can I convince him , rather there are no chances to convince then how could i save myself from his anger and hate,
Did i made wrong decision that to participate ?
Several questions were hitting the Ron’s brain and making his mind wounded.

His all happiness disappeared , he was nervous and tensed again,
And here comes Amy, likes angel of water to thirsty desert.

“Hey Ron, are u all right? U look tensed. Whats happened” said Amy.

“Yaah ,” said Ron with sad face.

” it is about your father na, ?” Said Amy with glimpse face and added
” look Ron, its your life, its ur dream, and you have to believe in it.
No matter how people stop you. You must go ahead.
And about your father he will also know what’s your your will. But right now you must know that you are not doing anything wrong.”

Ron’s eyes were opened by that so sincere words of Amy. He was pumped up again by the inspiration of his best supporter. He was ready to fight again
And said ,
” yes Amy, u r right, i will fight.”
Said with smile , hugged Amy and proceeded back to home.

Ron entered his home , closed the door and shouted
” mom , where are u ? Why the hell the door is open, cant you close it ?”
As he shouted Julia comes from room and said ,” sorry i came back from hospital for monthly diagnosis so …..forgotten to close, i was lost in my thoughts. ” julia said with tears in her eyes. Hiding her crying face from Ron.

” stop crying mom, i am sorry.
Forget all, whats the doctor said ? “Asked Ron.

” he said can’t tell at this position, to go for chemotherapy or operation, his nervous face saying it all , I don’t know have many days i have left i was worried who will take care both of you after me ?” Said Julia with shattered face.

” stop this nonsense mom, u will live , no one can take my mom away, “said Ron with crying face and hugged Julia.

Ron was lying on his bed thinking about all mom,Amy, father, and competition.
What to do , what not to do
He was confused again .
But he had promised Amy for competition.
So finally he decided he will try to win and by the winning reward he will try to cure his mother.
He fixed that i hos mind and started to work on his next round of competition.
And again main part in that to hide this all from his father , who was really against his music .
He will never let him to do this. So Ron decided to do all silently. Not to tell his mom too.

He didn’t known what he was doing but first time he was feeling confident and passionate about his music.
At the end he gathered all his courage to fix all to say he will. He will participate, he will win . And don’t care about his father or anything at all.

Just his music.

The next day………

The next round was Auditorium , much bigger and more tougher.
Next morning he packed for to go to this round , slowly and silently that his father couldn’t get clue about it. He had to do it in
He was feeling performance pressure and nervous due to it.
But Amy was with her keeping her hand on his shoulder to say i am with u , go do your best.
He closed his eyes. After a few seconds
Wearing the special bandana that Amy made for him , written Ron on it,

Gatherd his all nerves entered the hall with a nervous small steps,

And just got petrified by the view.

He was standing alone on a big stage, in front of three reputed judges .
Adding to it a house full audience in hall near around thousand of people constantly staring at him. Waiting to see what he is gonna deliver.
It was his first time , doing like it in front of a big crowd like this.
The three judges, first the lead singer from local band ” The IMPLACABLES” mr. Mike,
Second the famous music director” Marcus brown ”
And the third who was not at auditions mr. Charles Zen , who was the chairman of ZEN music, one of leading music company known for his best music releases.
As the announcer announced Ron’s name , there wasn’t appreciation from the crowd hearing his name,
He took the mike, standing centre of stage,
” so Ron , we meet again , what today you have for us ? ” asked mike.

” yes mike , pleasure to meet u all again, today i have again a self written song that is very special for me, hope u like it.” Said Ron with a smiling face.

” ok , then lets get started” said Marcus.
As Ron takes close his mike and started,
Soft strings of guitar in background and lovely piano to support.

“Calm my head cool my heart
All the spoof that i feed
Take my soul to the heaven
Love is all i need
Love is all i need.

My mom feeding me with her hands
That moments i greed
To push again my hearty feels
Love is all i need
Love is all i need.

The words which i never said
To girl which is my hearts seed
To take her romantic kiss
Love is all i need
Yehhhhh  Yehhhh
The love is all i need.

The ……….love……….is ………allllllll…..i…..neeeeeeeeed.

As Ron ends his song with eyes closed , voice on a high notes , screaming out of his heart.
As he opened his eyes he saw the public on their feets , giving a standing ovation , clapping loud as they can .
Shouting to support as they can.
The judges too joined the audience clapping in standing ovation.
The whole atmosphere was now filled with the mesmerizing performance of Ron and clapping support of viewers.
Fee moments after as the sound goes slower mike took the mike ( yes two mikes hahaha) and cam walking on stage saying,
” i am leading singer of band but i see you as my leading singer man, what a performance, what a show u did , just out…standing.
Let hear a big round of plows for ron”

And hugged ron , tapped his shoulder and went back to his seat.

Now Marcus took the mike saying ” Ron you proved us right that we selected you. Yesssss what a performance., i am saying again, if u carry this no one can stop u from winning. Cheers man”

“Thank u ” said Ron.
and at last Charles Zen took the mike saying,” Ron, i wasn’t at auditions, and i am feeling so so bad about it , that i lost one opportunity to hear u , man
Truly you are best , i am saying this after listening all the generations of your kind but you are different and sure what a performance.
The lyrics touched my heart especially the line of mother, what not can i say.
Cheers man.carry on ”

Ron was left with tears now. Smiling towards the audience with gratitude that shown for him.
He was in ocean of success now that he selected for the next round .
One step closer to the championship.

A glimpse of victory in his eyes , a sign of success on his face raising his hands for the audience for their appreciation.
Forgotten all his problems he was on sky today.

Don’t know what will happen next but now he had a moment for life…..


Story remains biased again on happiness of Ron and sadness in his life .
Many questions remains unanswered
What will his father have to say ?
How Ron will manage it all ?

We will find it all in our next parts.

Hope u like it .
Waiting for your feedbacks and reactions.



The way to avoid #disappointments is not to #expect, is it true??

Well as my title question , many of us have gone through this line in their life to be better ,not to expect. But is it true ? I doubt it . In fact many of think the start to expectations is lead to disappointments .
I don’t criticize them to be wrong because definitely they have something why did they agree that . Yes we have our past full of things that crush us, regret us , hurts us or sometimes kills us . Everyone has these past things mostly related to our career,ambitions and most of most about lovelife indeed.
We humans are made to default to expect to hope and to dream about the things we fancy about . We want them badly. It may be position for someone , power for someone , love for someone or some else for someone.
But as we all know life is full of uncertainties and accidents . We didn’t get what we want always. Our hopes are crushed , our expectations are ruined badly . We get vulnerable at times ,that lead to think is it wrong to expect , is it wrong to hope or dream ??

I say………NO

U must

U must dream ,expect and hope . The hopes are what makes us to push towards our goals when we doesn’t have any energy to make A single step.
So what we are disappointed , so what we are rejected , so what someone ruined our dreams that doesn’t mean it was your fault that you were expecting.
As a human being , it is ur right and most important weapon to succeed is the hope indeed. The expectations lead us to try for our goals to be achieved . To go for glory .
She rejected you its her choice , but you loved her and expected love in back , that is not your mistake. You dreamt about something and expected to achieve that with a smile but eventually didn’t got that as way you like to, someone say you failed , may be but that doesn’t make you wrong .
It is not wrong to expect something but it is wrong not to expect again after failure. It is wrong to lose the hope . It is wrong to give up your dream just because you didn’t able to make your expectations.
You will not always come across with your expectations ,your dreams but that doesn’t make sense to decide not to expect again so that we will not get any disappointments again .
That sounds like you decide you will not will not ride the bicycle again because you fallen at first time when you were learning to ride bicycle. You expected you will ride successfully at first time . That expectation lead you to disappointment.
That example may have sounded you very childish but it is fact of life .
We sometimes expect such things which may not happen , though you gather your all efforts , you may fail that may disappoint you but that was not to expect.
It may be sometimes wrong you expected more than more which might be very fictitious and may be impossible. Thats disappoints you and its your fault to expect impossible things .
But it isn’t wrong to expect anyways. That expectations , hopes , dreams keeps you alive . Keeps you energetic even after failure. Supports you in your vulnerable and make you to achieve what you want . That may come after many disappointments but indeed it will come if you logged in with persistence and hardwork .
Remember the example of the great Abraham Lincoln , he had may defeats and rejections in his political and personal life but he stood still like steel . He made those rejections into selections and became the great and most loved president ever indeed.
So as the Thomas Edison who failed more than 1000 times to invent light bulb but at last he succeeded and had 1093 US patents on his name .
So folks it is natural to get expectations and hopes ,it may not come right always but its not out fault that we expected unless and until our expectations were out of world or freakingly nonsense.
So guys always expect ,hope and dream until you achieve it .